Home insurance if you do not have a personal identity number

Insurance companies have different terms and conditions for who can be included in a home insurance policy. This impacts, for example, unaccompanied minors and other asylum seekers who are waiting to receive a Swedish personal identity number.

Usually a family or other people sharing a household can be included in the same insurance policy. But if a person has recently arrived in the country and does not have a Swedish personal identity number, it can work differently.

Unaccompanied minors in host families

As an example, if you are a host family for an unaccompanied minor, they cannot automatically be included in your home insurance. This is because insurance companies often require that the people to be included in a home insurance policy must be a registered resident at the address. To be a registered resident, you must first have a personal identity number, and people who are asylum seekers and have not received a personal identity number can therefore not meet this requirement. In this case, an unaccompanied minor in a host family must take out their own home insurance policy.

Asylum seekers living independently

If you are new to Sweden and need your own, personal home insurance policy, you can do this on your own without needing a Swedish personal identity number. This is because you are the insurance policyholder and there is no requirement to be a registered resident if you are the insurance policyholder. On the other hand, it is not certain that the people you want to be included in the insurance policy can be co-insured if they do not have personal identity numbers.

A result of this is, for example, that for a large family, they may need to take out a home insurance policy for each family member.

Where to turn?

Some insurance companies have already changed their terms and conditions to adapt to the circumstances applicable for people coming to Sweden who are waiting to hear whether they can stay and waiting for a personal identity number. Instead of changing their terms and conditions, other insurance companies have chosen to implement flexible policies.

Many companies have not yet adapted to the new circumstances. This is why you should always contact your insurance company personally and check whether the home insurance policy applies to people who have not yet received a personal identity number.

Mention who is living at the address and whether they have a personal identity number. Sometimes the names of everyone living at the address must be stated in the insurance contract. It is important that the insurance company has the correct details so that you are protected the way you want.

If you have questions about which insurance company to choose, contact us.

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