Everyone needs home insurance

Home insurance is an essential type of insurance that everyone needs. It does more than just protect your belongings. It can also provide compensation for many important situations in your life – for example, if you would be liable to pay damages or require legal representation. If you live in temporary accommodation, you seldom or never automatically have a home insurance policy, and we recommend that as soon as possible you contact an insurance company and sign a home insurance policy.

Nearly everyone in Sweden has home insurance. The insurance not only provides compensation if your possessions were to be stolen or damaged, but it also covers many other situations. All home insurance policies contain:

  • Asset protection
    Provides compensation for your belongings – for example, in the event of fire or theft.
  • Travel protection (valid for 45 days or, with some companies, 60 days)
    Repays, among other things, costs related to healthcare overseas and air ambulance to Sweden, which can otherwise cost you hundreds of thousands of kronor.
  • Liability protection (in the event of a claim for damages)
    Can pay damages if you are sued for acting negligently (carelessly).
  • Legal protection (legal representation)
    Can provide compensation for costs related to legal representation (lawyer) in the event of a dispute.
  • Assault protection
    Can provide compensation if you, for example, are assaulted.
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