Insurance cover for children

Children in Sweden are protected under our social security scheme. Nonetheless, we recommend that as soon as possible you take out a child insurance policy to complement the protection offered by society.

All children and youths in Sweden are entitled to healthcare, dental care and education. You can read more about children's rights in Sweden on the Information om Sverige website; see the link at the bottom of the page, under External websites.

Insurance at school and preschool

Children attending school or preschool in Sweden often have insurance cover for accidents that occur during school hours. In some cases, the insurance can also be valid for accidents that occur during spare time. However, insurance from schools and preschools never covers serious illness.

Private child insurance policy

When you settle in Sweden, we recommend taking out private child insurance policies for your children. Child insurance can provide compensation if your child gets a serious illness or is injured in an accident.

Most insurance companies provide child insurance policies. You can also ask your employer whether it is possible to sign a child insurance policy through them.

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