Extended warranties can be unnecessary

When you buy goods such as a TV, mobile telephone or computer, sometimes the sales representative suggests purchasing an extended warranty that can provide you with compensation if the product breaks. This can be unnecessary. Find out what protection you already have, and then you can decide whether you need an extended warranty.

You might have adequate protection for goods you purchase through the Consumer Sales Act, through their warranties and if your home insurance policy includes full coverage.

Under the Consumer Sales Act, you can file a complaint for an original flaw within three years and be entitled to compensation. A warranty means that the product is to be in working condition throughout the warranty time. If it is not and the flaw is not related to improper use, you are entitled to compensation.

If your home insurance policy includes full coverage, it covers all possessions, not only the ones you just purchased. But the flaw must have presented itself through a sudden, unpredictable event.

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