Which Bank services do you need?

In order to function well in society, you will need at least three important bank services: a bank account, a debit card and the possibility to make online payments.

Bank account

You need a bank account to run your personal day-to-day finances. The account you need can be called lönekonto, transaktionskonto, personkonto, privatkonto or betalkonto. It doesn’t matter what it is called but it’s important that you get access to the following services

  • Deposit of your salary or subsidy
  • Payment transfers to other bank accounts or giro payments through direct debit or mail
  • Cash withdrawal

Debit card

In order to run your bank account efficiently you will need a debit card. When you make payments and withdrawals with your debit card the sum will be deducted from your bank account. You will get access to the following services with your debit card

  • Payment in shops
  • Payment online
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs

Online banking

To be able to pay your bills in an efficient and cost effective way it’s important that you have access to online banking. With online banking you have access to the following services

  • Make Giro payments
  • Make direct online payments from your bank account
  • Transfer money to other bank accounts

You will find information about these services on our website. We also compare different bank fees and conditions. However, this information is only in Swedish. I you have need of information in another language there is limited information available on the website “Hallå Konsument” which is run by the Swedish Consumer agency. Chose “other languages” in the top menu.

Questions from the bank

The bank needs to check your identity, the origin of your money and how you intend to use the services Before they can offer these services to you. Thus, the bank needs to ask you some questions in order to achieve this information. There have been cases when customers have been denied bank services because they lack a Swedish civic registration number. However, there is no requirement in the law that you actually need a civic registration number in order to access to these bank services.  

Bank accounts to asylum seekers

The Swedish Banking Association and the Swedish Migration Agency have agreed upon a specific routine in order to simplify the identification process for asylum seekers. According to the routine, the asylum seeker should present his/hers LMA-card and a certified copy of the identification documents that the asylum seeker has submitted to the Swedish Migration Agency. The bank thereafter contacts the Swedish Migration Agency in order to confirm that the certified copy is in conformity with the identification documents that are in the agency's possession.