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Bank accounts

Why should I have a bank account?

You need a bank account and to receive your salary or welfare and to pay your utility bills, rent etc.

What kind of bank account should I choose?

There are different kinds of bank accounts:

  • Payment accounts, used for transactions such as paying bills etc
  • Savings accounts, where you can put aside money and maybe get an interest

Other accounts can also be used to receive and send money to and from other countries.

How do I open a bank account?

Contact any bank and ask .Different banks may require different things from you, for example that you identify yourself in a certain way.

Does it cost anything to open an account?

Normally not for the account itself. But other services, such as a debit card, usually have a fee. According to the law, banks are allowed to charge a reasonable fee for payment accounts with basic features such as a debit card.

What is the difference between payment accounts and savings accounts?

Payment accounts may have different names in different banks: Private Account, Salary Account, Transaction Account or Personal Account. But that´s just different names for the same thing.

Payment accounts are accounts to which you can connect a bank card and manage payments. On a savings account , you may receive interest. Compare savings accounts here (in Swedish only).

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